A quick and easy way to sync data of all your stores online.

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of web users say, they would lose trust in a brand, if the online data and information about the company is incomplete.

Why is the Open Hours platform important for your business?

Because it offers everything at one place:

Presentations of all your stores

Updated offers for customers near your stores at the time of the search

Accurate information about your stores

Direct links to your online stores

All your current news, information and promotions

Automatically sync open hours with your website

Advantages and benefits

With an innovative approach, we present your stores and new offers to customers who are located near you at the time of search.

We comprehensively present your company on the web and mobile search engine Opening Hours and provide accurate information. This increases customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.

We provide automatic data synchronization, comprehensive access to data entries of all your stores and daily updates of your website.

By displaying information about your stores, we provide users with a direct link to your online store, catalogs and loyalty cards, and at the same time prevent ads from other providers.

We enable quick notifications about news via exposed offers. This way, users will be quickly informed about all the news and promotions, and you will gain a significant competitive advantage, as you will also be more visible among Google search results.

We inform you regarding the opinions of your users to your e-mail, thus ensuring the possibility of simple and quick comment responses.

Why Open Hours?

250,000 users per month

More than 400,000 published locations

Presented in 11 countries

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